Dyspraxic Circle is an entirely volunteer-led platform run by adult Dyspraxics to campaign for more awareness of Dyspraxia (sometimes referred to as Developmental Co-Ordination Disorder or DCD) and changes that will help allow us all live happy, rich and fulfilling lives.

Current levels of ignorance around Dyspraxia among all levels of society including within education, the medical community and in the workplace mean that often Dyspraxics are wrongly perceived and unfairly judged. The understanding and adaptions that will help us to overcome the challenges Dyspraxia forces us to deal with daily are often not there. We want this to change.

We do not want pity. We are not victims of Dyspraxia – we are only victims of ignorance and when society places upon us barriers or fails to acknowledge the hurdles we have in our way because of the way our brain is wired.

We believe all Dyspraxics are capable of brilliance and far too many have been allowed to struggle needlessly either in school or in the workplace. We want this to change.