Dyspraxia is life-long neurological condition, a unique brain wiring that impacts how we experience life. 

The community of dyspraxics is richly diverse and that is what makes it such a wonderful place. 

We are united by our commonalities but we are all blessed with our own individuality and uniqueness. Sadly even in 2020, members of our community are treated differently to others based on the colour of their skin, their gender, age, sexual persuasion or disability . 

We have members who are not living the happy life they deserve to lead because others cannot see the human standing before them. 

Dyspraxic Circle and Dyspraxia & Life Magazine are platforms built on the premise and core values that every individual’s story and voice has a right to be heard, every single one of us irrespective of race, age, gender or sexuality has a right to live their own lives free from fear of attack, injustice or unfair treatment and discrimination.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown began in March 2020 we have hosted social meet ups twice a week every week on ZOOM with the aim of bring people together and fighting against loneliness. In our groups we have seen and enjoyed the company of a large number of Dyspraxics – their race, age, gender , sexuality are utterly irrelevant, their stories, opinions, thoughts, ideas and worries are what matters. 

As a white person I do not watch TV every day thinking where are all the white people on my television screen or why only white people appeared in my history textbook at school. As a male I don’t have fear being slut-shamed or have my promiscuity judged by what I choose to wear and as someone who is heterosexual I have never had to fear a homophobic attack. 

As someone who isn’t autistic I have never had to listen to people claiming vaccines explain me or that I can be cured by bleach. As someone who isn’t ADHD I was never labelled a naughty, disruptive child and punished for it. As someone without Tourette’s Syndrome I’ve never had someone cruelly mimic tics and laugh at them. 

So whatever your ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age. Whatever your co-occurring conditions, whether you’re formally diagnosed  or self-diagnosed, your family background, your country of origin, your past traumas and your future worries and fears – we are here. We always will be here and although we can never understand what you personally have been through, we will never stop in our efforts to embrace you, learn from you and make you realise how f#cking brilliant  you are and that you have a good cause to be immensely proud. You do not have to prove yourself to anyone. 

We are here and we will never stop listening. Your fight is never yours alone. 

Yours with love, 

Pete and the team at Dyspraxic Circle

#blacklivesmatter  #pride2020



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