Working with others  strategically to bring about positive change that will enhance the lives and experiences of Dyspraxics

peer support

Listening to fellow Dyspraxics, building a supportive, kind and knowledgeable community to help and guide one another in times of need.


It can be lonely being Dyspraxic so our Facebook community – groups including  “Dyspraxia & Adulthood’ will always be there for you.

virtual meets

Through video conferencing software ZOOM, we host twice weekly video chats every Wednesday and Friday.


We've created a brand new awareness poster and you can now download a copy for your own use.
On our closed Facebook group 'Dyspraxia & Adulthood' we have added a new 'post topic' feature to enhance our members' experience
We are delighted to announce that counsellor and psychotherapist Jamie Crabb will be joining us on Wednesday 27 May at from 6pm for a talk followed by a Q&A.